7 Tips to Boost Your Website's Conversion Rate

by Steven Tulman and Joseph Chklovski

ICM Consulting and Media Corp.

Feb. 6, 2014


Website traffic looks great on paper, but unless you can convert it into sales, your business won't benefit. These 7 quick tips are designed to help you unlock the selling power of your traffic, by boosting your website's conversion rate and increasing your sales.

1. Remove the Navigation Bar from Landing Pages

Every aspect of a landing page is geared towards a single action – subscribing to your blog, downloading an eBook or even purchasing a product. Unfortunately, your site navigation bar represents a whole host of potential distractions for your visitor. By removing your navigation bar from every landing page, you make it harder for visitors to abandon your landing page – and they’ll be more likely to continue through the sales funnel.

2. Streamline your Website

The more pages your website has, the more distractions there are for a potential customer. Having lots of content is perfect for SEO and customer experience, but keep it organized – reduce your navigation bar links, remove unnecessary pages and keep the entire site streamlined. You want every part of your website to link together, with every page eventually culminating in one action – buying a product.

3. Add Images and Links to Testimonials

Testimonials are powerful tools. They offer social proof to potential customers, and reassure visitors that your products and services are worth having. You can boost your website’s conversion rate by enhancing these customer testimonials. Adding genuine photographs of your customers increases the legitimacy of your testimonials, and providing access to clients’ websites increases the transparency of your website. Visitors see your products and services in action, and feel trusting of unbiased third-party feedback.

4. Improve your About Us page

For a website visitor to become a customer, they have to take a leap of faith. Your business is an unknown entity, and you need to earn the trust of your visitor. When asking for a visitor’s details and, eventually, money, you have to reassure them of the legitimacy of your business. You can allay these fears by improving your ‘About Us’ section. This part of your website can put a human face to your business. By adding photographs of staff, personal quotes and contact information to your page, you increase the trust between visitor and business – and increase your conversion rates.

5. Use Bullet Point Lists

The benefits of your promotions and products need to be made crystal clear to your visitors. Bullet point lists allow you to emphasize those features in a clear and systematic way. Long sentences and paragraphs risk losing your visitor’s attention and reducing your conversion rate. Whenever you have a CTA that requires visitor action, include a short and persuasive bullet point list next to it.

6. Rewrite your Headlines

Headlines matter. As the first part of a page your potential customers see, you need to make sure that they’re clear, concise and offer continuity with the rest of your website. Spend as much time on your headlines as your sales copy – and rewrite them if they aren’t persuasive enough.

7. Put a CTA on every page

A call-to-action is a button, link or image that encourages a visitor to continue engaging with your website, and begin the process of conversion. Most websites limit CTAs to a handful of pages – but by adding a CTA to every single page, you focus the attention of every website visitor onto your offer. Instead of converting a small portion of your website traffic, you can target all of it - and by linking all the CTAs to a single landing page, you can funnel your visitors through the sales funnel.

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