Landing Pages Videos: the Secret to an 80% Increase in Conversion

by Steven Tulman and Joseph Chklovski

ICM Consulting and Media Corp.

March 13, 2014

The journey from website visitor to paying customer is long, and fraught with distractions – links to blog posts, internal navigation links, external webpages, social media, or worst of all, the dreaded ‘Back’ button. More worryingly, visitors will make a judgment about your landing page in as little as 2 seconds – so how can you hope to hold their attention long enough to convert?

Adding a video to your landing page can boost conversion rates by as much as 80%. Website visitors respond more powerfully to visual information than plain text, and the relatively uncommon sight of a landing page video offers you a rare chance to grab their attention. If you’re looking to get the most out of a landing page video, make sure you follow these best practices:

Create a professional video

Your video needs to represent your best-effort. Whilst there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars, you should at least invest some time into writing a persuasive script, and enlist the help of a seasoned video producer.

Design your landing page around your video

If the bulk of your sales-copy is contained in the video, your conversion rate hinges on its visibility within the landing page. It, along with your CTA, needs to be the primary focus of the page – and the rest of your landing page elements should be designed around it. Xbox have taken this to heart, and created a landing page that puts the visitor directly into the shoes of an Xbox One owner – creating the ultimate social proof.

Avoid autoplay

If you’ve ever clicked-through to a webpage, only to be greeted by the booming voice of a total stranger, you’ve fallen victim to video autoplay. These videos are triggered to play whenever a new visitor enters the landing page, and they’re a fantastic example of interruptive marketing – a marketing process which serves to interrupt, and often ruin, your website browsing experience.

This style of marketing is increasingly unpopular with visitors, and autoplay videos will have a detrimental effect on your landing page conversion rates. Instead, let visitors ‘opt-in’ to the video, and choose to engage with it on their terms.

Don’t forget the CTA

Every single landing page needs to be focused around a central call-to-action – and video-based pages are no exception. Once you’ve gone to the effort of creating an engaging, professional video, be sure to channel all of your visitor engagement into a relevant CTA – either by adding one directly into the video, or by directing your viewer’s attention to the on-page CTA, through narration or visual cues. Animoto illustrate this beautifully, with a landing page consisting of just a video and a single CTA button – ‘Make a Video’.


Repurpose your video

Once you’ve recorded your video, it makes sense to squeeze as much benefit out of it as possible. Helpful case studies and tutorials are perfect YouTube fodder, and by embedding your video across your website and social media profiles, you can reach a far wider audience. If it’s helpful to do so, you could also consider releasing the video script – in the form of blog posts, or a downloadable guide.


If you’re looking to help your brand stand-out from its competition, and boost your sales in the process, a simple landing page video is the most powerful tool at your disposal – and by adding a professional video to your site, you could improve your website traffic, visitor engagement and conversion rates.

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