What Social Media Can Do For You

Jan. 30, 2015

Understanding social signals is the key to understanding your customers and their needs/wants. Engaging with your clients on social media is the perfect way to mention new products, get useful feedback and build advocates for your brand that can promote it for you. 

Getting Email Marketing to Work With Your Current Marketing Strategy

Jan. 29, 2015

Email marketing has some great advantages compared to other marketing methods: it has a high reach once you get people to join your email list, can work for pretty much any kind of business, has minimal risk, is easy to use, and gives you full control. Many e-commerce businesses rely heavily on email marketing to draw in new customers and lure back old customers, with sales and promotions. The key to making sure that your email marketing campaign integrates with your already existing marketing strategy is to ensure you use current content that stays true to your brand, and gives your customers offers they are likely to respond to positively. 

How to Maximize Your Search Campaigns and Gain Leads

Jan. 28, 2015

Lead generation is important in any business, and how you get there is a long road to success. It is defined by the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into your products or services. With everything being digital, building brand awareness, advocates and growing a customer base is now easier than ever with so many options available. 

The Importance of an Engaging and Responsive Website

Jan. 27, 2015

A website that is not mobile-friendly not only annoys visitors but it’s bad for business. Consumers today are doing more shopping online and a site that is optimized for use on a smart phone or tablet is more likely to encourage a visitor to return to that site in the future and convert. 

6 Essential Elements for a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Jan. 26, 2015

Today’s digital landscape is ever changing – what worked one year or even one month ago might not work today or tomorrow. With so many companies entering and exiting the marketplace it’s hard to stand out. With so many options available the next question becomes – where is the best place to put your money? We have rounded up the 6 essential elements of a digital marketing strategy to get you set up on the path to success.