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ICM E-Commerce Solutions

Our Mission

ICM E-Commerce Solutions will work as a full-service partner ensuring your retail business is operating as an efficient, unified force across all teams, systems and channels. We’ll help you maximize sales and ROI at every consumer touch point - both online and offline - and present a single brand identity to the marketplace.

Retail & E-Commerce Challenges Today
  • Customers have more choice than ever before – they’re confused about why they should buy, what product is best for them and which retailer to buy from.
  • It’s difficult to keep up with rapidly changing online technology and approaches that support both business goals and marketing strategy.
    Channels include: SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media, Customer Loyalty Programs etc.
  • Creating print media that maximizes both in-store and online profitability and improves customer retention is complex and challenging.
    Channels include: Direct mail, flyers, catalogues, customer loyalty and more.
  • Internal teams work separately, making independent decisions that don’t consider overall strategy or technological capabilities.
  • Marketing channels aren’t working in harmony with technology to drive business effectively and maximize ROI.

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You operate in an extremely competitive marketplace and customers have more options than ever before. Whether they’re visiting your brick-and-mortar or ecommerce location, your company must ensure consumers receive appropriate messages at exactly the right time to boost sales, generate positive word-of-mouth referrals and attract more business.

You also have to work efficiently across multiple channels and technologies while making sure your logistics and internal teams are streamlined and focused on meeting consumer requirements.

Recognize these issues?
  • You’re constantly in reactive mode because strategy and business goals aren’t aligned across all channels.
  • You aren’t reaching customers at the right time using the appropriate marketing vehicle and sales aren’t as strong as they could be.
  • Online, print, in-store, affiliate, social, email and customer loyalty channels are operating independently instead of working together to generate maximum results.
  • Your creative, sales, marketing, logistics and executive teams are in conflict rather than working toward a common goal.
  • You’re utilizing one-and-done marketing approaches as opposed to reaching consumers at every stage of the sales cycle.
  • Customers are experiencing your brand and sales messages differently depending on the medium.
  • Follow-up with prospects is weak and you’re missing out on potential sales.
  • Because your technology isn’t responsive to customer needs you are taking a spray-and-pray approach to sales and marketing.
  • Your back-end logistics aren’t set-up to operate effectively with your current technological platform.
The Solution – Streamlined Operations, More Sales, Happier Customers

To improve business results:

Your organization has to eliminate complexity, follow an overall strategy and use the correct technology and marketing approaches for sustained growth in the marketplace.

  • Marketing and business strategy must be aligned and supported with the right technology.
  • Online, offline channels and internal teams have to work together toward common goals.
  • Customers have to receive the right messages, in the right medium at the right time to maximize sales.
  • Creative, sales and management groups should have a clear overall strategy with trackable, measurable, results-oriented goals.

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Combining proven online and offline marketing expertise with effective technology and the practical necessities of a retail environment, we’ll create an end-to-end strategy with actionable, repeatable processes for your company - and help you implement every step of the way.

Our years of experience delivering high-converting marketing campaigns across every possible touch point - on- and offline - ensure your customers will be exposed to your messages at the optimal moment, leading to greater sales and market-share.

We’ll also help you streamline vital behind-the-scenes activities like logistics and fulfillment to ensure your team is operating at maximum efficiency and the customer experience is pleasant and problem-free from beginning to end.

From marketing and technology through logistics and fulfillment of orders, ICM will create the ultimate long-term success system for your retail business.

How ICM Will Help
  • Provide consulting services to discover how your business strategy, marketing approaches, internal teams and technology can work in harmony as a unified force.
  • Develop a clear and effective overall strategy that incorporates marketing, business goals and technology effectively.
  • Work as a full-service partner to implement strategy, technology, platform and systems across all teams and channels.
  • Develop online and offline deliverables to drive business more effectively – reach customers where and when they’re ready to buy.
    Including: SEO, PPC, Customer Loyalty, Print Materials, Email Marketing and more.
  • Track and measure results to ensure your company is maximizing return on investment.
  • Increase sales, profit and market share for your business.

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By combining proven, effective retail strategies with the appropriate platform and flawless execution, ICM will maximize your marketing and technology spends. Our beginning-to-end retail solution eliminates complexity for your teams, helps them work together toward a common goal and ensures consumers get the right message, at the right time and in the right medium for more sales, greater revenue and happier repeat customers.